Kingtronics (Kt) Trimming Potentiometers Brief Introduction

Kingtronics trimming potentiometers perform a variety of circuit adjustments in all types of electronic equipment. Trimmers are used in virtually every electronic market. Typical applications include measuring linear distance, angles or rotations in production equipment, industrial test and measurement equipment, and medical equipment.

Kingtronics are potentiometers manufacturer since 1990. Trimming potentiometers are Kingtronics' first products. On Kingtronics' trimming potentiometers body, we mark "Kt" due to insufficient space. Actually our registered brand in HK is “Kingtronics and Kt”. So, Kingtronics trimmers, Kingtronics potentiometers, Kt trimmers, and Kt potentiometers all mean potentiometers which produced by Kingtronics International Company.

Kingtronics potentiometers (Kt trimming potentiometer) include following part number: RKT-3006, RKT-3266, RKT-3269, RKT-3296, RKT-3323, RKT-3329, RKT-3362, RKT-3386, RKT-3306, RKT-3309, RKT-3540S, RKT-3590, RKT-C3305, RKT-065, RKT-3313, RKT-3224.

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Kingtronics (Kt) Trimming Potentiometer SGS certification

Important Notice: Marking on Trimming Potentiometer Body Change to "Kt"

Since 2012, we have been running the change to new marking "Kt" on potentiometer body. It needs some time to arrange for it, so there will be still some samples and goods with old marking "King". Anyway, both "King" and "Kt" marking are produced by ISO manufacturer Kingtronics. Thanks for your understanding and apologize for all the inconvenience.

Kingtronics (Kt) Trimming Potentiometers Photos

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Quick Access to Trimming Potentiometers PDF Datasheet.

  1. RKT-3006 3/4" (19 mm) Rectangular Trimming Potentiometer (PDF: 188KB) ↓ Download
  2. RKT-3266 1/4" (6 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer (PDF: 200KB) ↓ Download
  3. RKT-3269 SMD Square Trimming Potentiometer (PDF: 193KB) ↓ Download
  4. RKT-3296 3/8" (9 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer (PDF: 167KB) ↓ Download
  5. RKT-3323 1/4" (6 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer (PDF: 425KB) ↓ Download
  6. RKT-3329 1/4" (6 mm) Round Trimming Potentiometer (PDF: 557KB) ↓ Download
  7. RKT-3362 1/4" (6 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer (PDF: 316KB) ↓ Download
  8. RKT-3386 3/8" (9 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer (PDF: 417KB) ↓ Download
  9. RKT-3306 6 mm Through-Hole Cermet Consumer Trimming Potentiometer (PDF: 232KB) ↓ Download
  10. RKT-3309 9 mm Through-Hole Cermet Consumer Trimming Potentiometer (PDF: 232KB) ↓ Download
  11. RKT-3540S Wire Wound Element (Multiturn) (PDF: 321KB) ↓ Download
  12. RKT-3590 Wire Wound Potentiometer (Multiturn) (PDF: 264KB) ↓ Download
  13. RKT-C3305 Trimming Potentiometer-3mm SMD (PDF: 301KB) ↓ Download
  14. RKT-065 Phenolic Consumer Trimming Potentiometer (PDF: 318KB) ↓ Download
  15. RKT-3313 3mm Surface Mounted SMD Trimming Potentiometer(PDF: 150KB) ↓ Download
  16. RKT-3314 Surface Mount 4mm Square Single-Turn Cermet Trimming Potentiometers(PDF: 168KB) ↓ Download
  17. RKT-3224 4mm Surface Mounted SMD Trimming Potentiometer(PDF: 168KB) ↓ Download
  18. RKT-3214 5 Turn SMD Trimming Potentiometer(PDF: 168KB) ↓ Download
  19. RKT-3361 Single turn SMD Trimming Potentiometer(PDF: 168KB) ↓ Download
  20. RKT-534  Wirewound Potentiomenter(PDF: 358KB)↓ Download
  21. RKT-7286  Wirewound Potentiomenter(PDF: 358KB)↓ Download
  22. RKT-WIW22S  Wirewound Potentiomenter(PDF: 358KB)↓ Download
  23. RKT-WX118  Wirewound Potentiomenter(PDF: 358KB)↓ Download
  24. RKT-WXD3-12  Wirewound Potentiomenter(PDF: 358KB)↓ Download
  25. RKT-WXD3-13  Wirewound Potentiomenter(PDF: 358KB)↓ Download
  26. RKT-WXD3-13S(Lock type)  Wirewound Potentiomenter(PDF: 358KB)↓ Download

What is a potentiometer?

A potentiometer is an adjustable resistor. This is why some customers called potentiometer variable resistor. Resistor include fixed resistor and variable resistor. Variable resister (potentiometer) belongs to passive components. A potentiometer is constructed using resistive element comprising an arc of a circle and a sliding contact (wiper) travelling over that arc.

Potentiometer in different languages & different names & Different types:
Trimming Potentiometer, Trimmer, Potentiometer, Trimming Potentiometer, Trimming Potentiometer, Preset Potentiometer

Carbon Trimming Potentiometer, Cermet Trimming Potentiometer, SMD Trimming Potentiometer, Surface Mount Trimming Potentiometer, Through-hole Trimming Potentiometer, Multiturn Trimmer, Single-turn Trimming Potentiometer, Wirewound Potentiometer, Precision Potentiometer

Potênciometros, POTENCIOMETRO MULTI-VOLTA, POT 3296, POT 3006, POT3386, Potencjometr, 3386 PRESET 1 VUELTA, Potencjometry, Потенциометр 3296, Potentiomètre, Potenziometer

Potentiometer & Trimming Potentiometer Applications:

  1. Air conditioners
  2. Breadmakers
  3. Coff ee/tea makers
  4. Dental hygiene devices
  5. Dishwashers
  6. Door chimes, electronic
  7. Door opening systems
  8. Food processors
  9. Freezers
  10. Kitchen appliances
  11. Microwave ovens
  12. Kitchens
  13. Refrigerators
  14. Stoves/ovens
  15. Controls for white goods
  16. Environmental controls/equipment
  17. Electronic insect repellants
  18. Intercom systems
  19. Smoke detectors
  20. Th ermostatic controls
  21. Trash compactors
  22. Ultrasonic devices
  23. Amateur and CB radios
  24. Cordless telephones
  25. Telephone amplifi ers
  26. Telephone answering machines
  27. Telephone dialers, automatic
  28. Telephone sets, digital
  29. Telephones
  30. Fax machines
  31. Camcorders
  32. Electronics for cameras
  33. Digital cameras
  34. Cassette players for autos
  35. Car stereos
  36. Auto repair instruments
  37. Cassette recorders
  38. Compact disc players
  39. Hi-fi amplifi ers
  40. Hi-fi cassette decks
  41. Stereo systems
  42. Tape recorders
  43. Turntables
  44. Receivers
  45. Radios
  46. Radio cassette recorders
  47. Portable stereos
  48. Music centers
  49. Music mixing equipment
  50. Organs and musical instruments
  51. Clock radios
  52. Clocks
  53. Digital table clocks
  54. Educational toys
  55. Electronic games
  56. Game units
  57. Video game systems
  58. Toys & kits, electronics
  59. Radio controls for models
  60. Metal detectors
  61. Power tools
  62. LCD modules
  63. Sensors
  64. Optical transceivers
  65. Televisions
  66. Digital TVs
  67. TV receivers
  68. VCRs
  69. HDTVs
  70. Cable set-top boxes
  71. Satellite TV receivers
  72. DVD players
  73. DVD recorders
  74. Printers
  75. Photo printers
  76. Laptops
  77. Computers
  78. Computer monitors
  79. Computer power supplies
  80. Home networks
  81. Personal computers
  82. Handhelds
  83. PDAs
  84. Portable CD