CKT Series Chip Tantalum Capacitors

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Kingtronics CKT series tantalum chip capacitors have high volumetric efficiency and stable electric perfermances. CKT surface mount tantalum capacitors can offer 6 sizes: P size (2012), A size (3216), B size (3528), C size (6032), D size (7343), E size (7343). Chip tantalum capacitors include general purpose standard chip tantalum capacitors and Low ESR chip tantalum capacitors.

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Caution for Using Tantalum Chip Capacitor

Circuit Design

  • A. Confirm rated performances. Confirm the working and installation environments of the set, and use the set within the range of specified rated performances.
  • B. Use the set within rated voltage.
  • C. Use the set at temperatures within the range of working temperatures.
  • D. Pay attention to an excessive momentary current.
  • E. Do not apply a reverse voltage.

Tantalum chip capacitors are different from film and ceramic capacitors in characteristics. Be careful when a tantalum capacitor is used as an alternative.


  • A. In mounting, confirm the rated voltage, capacitance, and polarity before usage.
  • B. Don’t cut off the materials of the capacitor due to the mounting space and other reasons.
  • C. Don’t apply an excessive force to the capacitor.
  • D. Do not use the capacitor that has fallen once on the floor.
  • E. Do not remove and reuse the capacitor that has been mounted once.
  • F. Connect the capacitors to a tester or multimeter carefully. Avoid applying overvoltage or reverse voltage to the capacitors.


  • A. Keep the products clean at room temperatures (not more than 40°C) and relative humidities (not more than 70°C).
  • B. Keep the product out of direct sun exposure.
  • C. Store products in a manner that does not apply unnecessary external force.
  • D. Avoid storage in an area where vibration exists.
  • E. Storage for a long period of time deteriorates packaging materials. It is recommended to use the capacitor within one year.
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