LKT SERIES Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (6.3V to 50V)

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Kingtronics specializes in application specific multilayer ceramic capacitors. Our product offerings included surface mount capacitors from the 0402 case size to larger high voltage units (up to 4KV) for Commercial and High Reliability applications.

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Kingtronics Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors and Tantalum Capacitors Full List

About Dielectric Material Type of Ceramic Capacitor

NPO: The capacitor of this kind dielectric material is considered as ClassⅠcapacitor, including general capacitor and high frequency NPO capacitor. The electrical properties of NPO capacitor are the most stable one and have little change with temperature, voltage and time. They are suited for applications where low-losses and high stability are required, such as filters, oscillators, and timing circuits.

X7R, X5R: X7R, X5R material is a kind of material has high dielectric constant. The capacitor made of this kind material is considered as Class Ⅱ capacitor whose capacitance is higher than that of class Ⅰ. These capacitors are classified as having a semi-stable temperature characteristic and used over a wide temperature range, such in these kinds of circuits, DC-blocking, decoupling, bypassing, frequency discriminating etc.

Y5V: The capacitor made of this kind of material is the highest dielectric constant of all ceramic capacitors. They are used over a moderate temperature range in application where high capacitance is required because of its unstable temperature coefficient, but where moderate losses and capacitance changes can be tolerated. Its capacitance and dissipation factors are sensible to measuring conditions, such as temperature and voltage, etc.

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