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Kingtronics specializes in producing high voltage Mono Capacitors. It is worth mentioning that most of our products are RoHS complaint. Mono Capacitors widely used in ADSL equipment, fax machine, printing machine, mobile phone, wireless telephone, notebook, computer, POS, PDA, television, LCD TV and so on...

Mono Capacitors are small size capacitor available in both Radial and Axial type.

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Leaded Mono Capacitors
MKT Radial Mono Capacitors 0.5pF - 22µF 50VDC to 100VDC NPO, X7R, Y5V
AKT Axial Mono Capacitors 1pF - 1µF 50VDC to 100VDC NPO, X7R, Y5V

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Mono capacitors used in Formula 1 cars

Murata's Power Mono capacitors have been used in a KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) for Formula 1 cars designed by Magneti Marelli.

Due to changes in the technical regulations of Formula 1, KERS systems will be permitted for use in the 2009 season.

KERS is a method of storing energy that would otherwise be wasted when braking.

This energy can then be released to provide extra power on demand.

The rules permit 400kJ of energy to be stored per lap to be released at maximum 60kW.

This is equivalent to a boost in speed for 6.7 seconds each lap and it's hoped the addition of such systems will add a new dimension to the sport, particularly regarding overtaking.

Since Formula 1 teams often develop ideas and technology that is subsequently found in commercial vehicles, the initiative is partly an effort to encourage Formula 1 teams develop 'greener' technology.

Magneti Marelli selected Murata's Power Mono capacitors for its KERS design as Murata's ceramic materials technology offers superior ripple performance in small and, importantly, lightweight package sizes.

The weight of the KERS is particularly important as the weight distribution inside the body of the vehicle is critical for the vehicle's performance.

The parts' small size is attributed to Murata's ceramic materials technology which allows a capacitance per unit volume of 2.4uF/cm3, compared to 1.2uF/cm3for film capacitors and 1.89uF/cm3 for aluminium electrolytic types.

Power Mono capacitors have an allowable ripple current of 1.56A/cm3, an order of magnitude higher than film capacitors and two orders of magnitude higher than aluminium electrolytic types.

This application also demonstrates Power Mono's capacity to perform reliably in extreme and harsh environments.

Murata's ceramic capacitors are made entirely from inorganic materials and have a very high intrinsic resistance to high temperatures.

Power Mono maintain their ripple performance over the full automotive operating temperature range, up to 125C.

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