Tuning Fork Crystal 2060DIP

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Kingtronics offers high quality Tuning Fork Crystal at incredibly aggressive prices.

The 2060DIP Wide Frequency range, High shock tolerance, Small size, Reliable frequency stability, Pb-free and RoHS/Green compliant. With a broad frequency range from 30KHz to 200KHz.

Tuning Fork Crystal 2060DIP Applications

  • Permits use as a clock source for communication equipment.
  • AV equipment, OA equipment.
  • Measuring instruments and various of clocks.

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Knowledge about SMD Crystal Oscillator

Variable electrical parameters are those that the Design Engineer must specify when selecting a Crystal Oscillator device for any particular application.

a. Package Type:The OSC3225 is available in SMD packaging only. Designed for standard reflow and washing techniques.

b. Frequency Range: High frequency range from 1MHz to 125MHz

c. Suply Voltage: The specified Suply Voltage is dependent on the Resonance Mode required in the application. Generally is 3.3V or 5V.

d. Frequency Tolerance: an amount of initial frequency deviation acceptable for the application is required. Tighter specifications of Frequency Tolerance lower yield in quartz crystal Blank production thereby serving to increase production costs.

e. Stability: Over the Operating Temperature Range, an amount of total deviation acceptable for the application. Tighter specifications of Stability lower yield in Quartz Crystal Blank production thereby serving to increase production costs.

f. Operating Temperature: Standard Operating Temperature ranges are generally considered as -20-+70 degrees Celsius (considered "commercial" Operating Temperature), and -40-+85 degrees Celsius (considered "Industrial" Operating Temperature) Other Operating temperature ranges are available and should be specified and/or discussed with an Kingtronics sales.

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