Kt Tell You Industrial Demand for Automotive Capacitors Has Increased

Demand for automotive chips has unexpectedly increased recently, attracting the attention of analysts and investors.
The survey shows that demand from the automotive and industrial industries is expected to recover from the fourth quarter to 2021.

The report from Barron`s indicated that the rebound in automobile market conditions is much better than expected, mainly due to the return of Chinese automobile production to the level before the epidemic, the 100% capacity utilization rate of US automobiles and trucks, and the low dealer inventory.
There are also signs of improvement in the trend of the business cycle industry. China, the United States and Europe's Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for the July-September quarter all indicate that the business is beginning to expand.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Various types of capacitors can be found throughout automotive subsystems of all types of cars, including internal combustion engine (ICE) types that now dominate the market.

For example, aluminum electrolytic capacitors are employed in convenience systems like air conditioning, window wipers and motors used for automatic windows, seats and other purposes.
These devices also are employed in key safety and control systems like power steering, airbag controls and braking systems.
Furthermore, aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used in engine control units (ECU) for battery controls, gas- and diesel-engine controls and electric motor drives for uses like fuel pumps and fans.

Supercapacitor Car Battery
Supercapacitors promise to play a much larger role in the EV market in the future. A major factor inhibiting the acceptance of some EVs has been their limited range.

Recent breakthroughs in supercapacitors could make them a viable and superior replacement for lithium-ion batteries, however. Conventional supercapacitors can charge up much more quickly than batteries.

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Super Capacitors Radial, Snap-in, Screw and Coin type
Kingtronics P/N Rated Voltage Temperatures Characteristic
DKT-DA 5.5V -25~+70°C Coin type, large capacity
DKT-DZ 2.7-3V -40~+70°C Radial/Snap-in/Screw type, low ESR


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