Kt Kingtronics Some Using Guidance of Aluminum E-Cap

A. Working Environment and Conditions
Ensure that operational and mounting conditions are satisfied with the specified conditions detailed in the Kingtronics specification sheets.

B. Working Temperature, Ripple Current and Load Life
Operating temperature and applied ripple current should be within the values specified in the catalog or Kingtronics specification sheets.

C. Polarity Identification
Do not apply reverse voltage or AC voltage to Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, since they are normally polarized. Please use non-polar type capacitors to a circuit with polarity alteration. Note that such non-polar type cannot be used for AC circuit.

D. Applied Voltage
Do not apply voltage beyond the rated voltage to capacitors.
Use bleeder resistors to a circuit using 2 or more Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors in series. In this case, the resistors should beconnected parallel to the capacitors.

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