Kt Kingtronics Introduces Causes of Poor Chip MLCC

In the use of chip MLCC, many customers will encounter capacitor cracking, short circuit, burning and other phenomena, so how to deal with these phenomena? First of all, we need to know the causes of these phenomena.

A. Crack (refers to the crack on the capacitor that causes the product to fail to work normally). This phenomenon is generally caused by low resistance. The reasons are as follows.

1. PCB is mostly open circuit after external force.
2. If the non-capacitor body is impacted by external force, it may have short circuit or low resistance.
3. Too high applied stress voltage will lead to MLCC capacitor failure, generally short circuit or low resistance, but this kind of phenomenon should not be much in the case of sufficient allowance.

In this case, it is generally necessary to check whether the product will be vibrated or shaken when working, and then check whether the product capacity meets the requirements.
B. Short circuit burn out (refers to the damage of the capacitor in the PCB board, resulting in the failure of the product to continue to work).

The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows.
1. The model of capacitor package is not big enough;
2. Insufficient reserved allowance;
3. The voltage withstand is too low or the product current is too high.

If this happens, we need to replace the chip capacitor model and check the specific reason. Then choose to replace the chip capacitor capacity or model.
If you can't find a suitable model to replace, you can use the capacitors in parallel or series to solve the problem.

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