Kt Kingtronics Trimming Potentiometer 3296W and 3386F in Stock

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RKT-trimming potentiomter(ISO SGS RoHS certified)

Goods in stock Goods in stock
RKT-3296W-101-R(100 Ohm)
RKT-3386F-501-R(500 Ohm)
RKT-3296W-501-R(500 Ohm)
RKT-3386F-102-R(1K Ohm)
RKT-3296W-102-R(1K Ohm)
RKT-3386F-202-R(2K Ohm)
RKT-3296W-202-R(2K Ohm)
RKT-3386F-502-R(5K Ohm)
RKT-3296W-502-R(5K Ohm)
RKT-3386F-103-R(10K Ohm)
RKT-3296W-103-R(10K Ohm)
RKT-3386F-203-R(20K Ohm)
RKT-3296W-203-R(20K Ohm)
RKT-3386F-503-R(50K Ohm)
RKT-3296W-503-R(50K Ohm)
RKT-3386F-104-R(100K Ohm)
RKT-3296W-104-R(100K Ohm)
RKT-3386F-105-R(1M Ohm)
RKT-3296W-204-R(200K Ohm)
RKT-3296W-500-R(50 Ohm)
RKT-3296W-105-R(1M Ohm)
RKT-3386F-105-R(1M Ohm)


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