Kt Kingtronics The Working Principle of Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal oscillator is a quartz crystal resonator made of quartz material, commonly known as crystal oscillator.
It plays the role of generating frequency, has stability and good anti-interference performance, and is widely used in various electronic products.

The structure of the quartz crystal oscillator (crystal oscillator for short) is a resonant device made of the piezoelectric effect of a quartz crystal (structured body of silicon dioxide).
Its basic structure is roughly as follows: Cut a thin slice at a certain azimuth angle (referred to as a wafer, it can be square, rectangular, or circular, etc.), coat silver layers on its two corresponding surfaces as electrodes, and solder a lead wire on each on the pins, coupled with the package shell constitutes a quartz crystal resonator, referred to as quartz crystal or crystal, crystal oscillator.
Its products are generally packaged in metal shells, but also in glass, ceramic or plastic packages.

Due to AKM fire in October, 2020, many suppliers are not accepting new order for Quartz crystal oscillator.
But Kingtronics team can help you, please feel free to share us your request.


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