Kt Kingtronics Testimonials From Customers Worldwide

We take our work seriously, but to our clients’ feedback, we even treat it more seriously! Customers come first.

We are also proud to share with you the fantastic feedback our employees received from our faithful clients. It’s a true proof to verify how Kingtronics goes above and beyond to make sure each customer is treated like Kingtronics family, as well as long term cooperation partner. It is a great honor to make business with these customers all the time, thank you.

In 2018, we plan to increase the volume of purchases from your company by 30-50%.
--- By Dmitry Koyfman, General Director, TD DIK-trade LTD(Russia)

Products manufacturer Kingtronics is fully certified and has a good quality in relationship with not expensive prices. The goods are manufactured and shipped on time agreed with the buyer. On the manufacturer's website you can find full technical documentation for the entire range of products, as well as get support from managers. Kingtronics is constantly expanding its product range. The customer can receive samples of any goods from the distributor in Russia is OOO "TD "DIK-trade."
--- By Dmitry Koyfman, General Director, TD DIK-trade LTD(Russia)

You are good fellows.... it is convenient to work with you...
--- By Eduard, OOO PKF "MARS-KOMPONENT"(Russia)

Thank you for quote. The price is good.
--- By Pavel Chalupsky, EMP-Centauri s.r.o.(Czech)

Thank you for info. The delivery date is good.
--- By Pavel Chalupsky, EMP-Centauri s.r.o.(Czech)

We have no forecasts. But I don´t think that our order will be lower than last year.
--- By Magdalena Hájková, HOKAMI CZ, s.r.o. (Czech)

I think we can exceed USD1000K on 2018.
--- By Emin Safa ÖZERGÜL (Mr), Megasan(Turkey)

We will be putting our inventory of your products up on our e-commerce website as soon as possible.
We will be looking at expanding into your other areas of products, caps & diodes.
We would like to receive any referrals and orders that come to you from North America, as we would be happy to handle these and work with these customers in expanding your products with them.
--- By Ray Brunette VP, Lake-View Electronics Corp(USA)

Our company AURUM Ltd. has been working with Kingtronics Company since 2013 year.
We would like to note that you have proved yourself as a reliable partner, supplying high quality goods.
Especially we are very impressed with work of Ms.Bella Yuan.
She always reply to our requests in time and without delay!
We are very grateful for her work! We are very comfortable to cooperate with you!
--- By Stanislav Ivanov, AURUM Ltd.(Russia)

I make regular orders for capacitors to Kingtronics and I'm pleased with their performance. They observe the terms for the production and delivery of the goods, the Goods are qualitative.
--- By Dimitar Uzunov ( Bulgaria)

Thanks for your quick response, I like to work with you and I feel that you are one of our most reliable suppliers in the East. Its quality is good, I have no problem, the question is that I want to start working with more products with you.
--- By Norma Galicia ( Mexico)

We have been buying trimpots with other supplier but I´d like to work with you again. Thanks for your help. I appreciate your excellent support.
--- By Lilia Olvera( Mexico)

Thanks for the support! The prices are always ok.
--- By Andrey Kovrigin ( Russia)

Well, good job! Everything faster as it was estimate at first time. Thank you very much for your good support!
--- By Leonardo Bergara (Argentina)

We had no problems with the other supplier but saw the bigger potential with Kingtronics.
--- By Nicole Both ( Germany)

Thank you for yr kind support and we do hope to expand biz horizon with yr esteemed company.
--- By Kelvin Soh ( Singapore)

Thanks for your continuous support and good cooperation. We are interested to distribute Kingtronics products in India and Singapore.
--- By G.Kishor Goud ( India)

Thanks again for your patience as we work thru the testing. I am glad the approval has finally been achieved.
--- By Tony Schilling ( USA)

We are loyal to suppliers. We purchase diodes and Tantalum only from you despite approaches from other manufacturers.
--- By Noel Humphrey ( UK)

Thanks for your help in this business. We prefer to buy directly from Kingtronics, are not interested to buy through distributors.
--- By Gema Gómez ( Spain)

We can submit higher quantities for now, we can supply others from other manufacturers. We try to improve our business with you for many products.
--- By Merter TÜRKMEN ( Turkey)

R&D is extremely conservative and unwilling to make changes in brands and manufacturers, it’s also the reason we buy trimpots from you only.
--- By Knut Strömbec ( Norway)

For aluminum electrolytic capacitors, we are changing to SMD, your price and lead time are fine to us.
--- By Gregory Boda ( Brazil)


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