Kt Kingtronics Tells You Increasing Delays in Ocean Shipments

Businesses are experiencing ocean-freight shipment delays nationwide.
Multiple factors are contributing to the delays:

1) COVID-19: Global shipping increased rapidly from the last summer with the reopening of national economies following the pandemic shutdowns.
2) Raw Material Shortage: Raw material availability in China continues to be at a record low due to the demand from worldwide.
3) Peak Season: Ports are hitting record highs for the number of imported containers as retailers restock in preparation for the Lunar New Year closures.

These delays are slowly increasing, and experts say delays will continue until the middle of February 2021.
At that time, ports should have a chance to catch up while factories in Asia shut down for the Lunar New Year celebration.
With Lunar New Year approaching, this is proving more and more difficult. Although these delays present short-term challenges, it is a sign of economic improvement.
“It’s all good for the economy. When you have ports bogged up, it means you have demand,” says Timothy R. Fiore, chair of the Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) Manufacturing Business Survey Committee.

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