Kt Kingtronics New Products XKT Varistor and NKT NTC Thermistor

Are you looking for new suppliers for metal oxide varistor (MOV) and negative temperature coefficient (NCT) thermistor? Kingtronics will be the satisfying choice.
Below some features and application information for comprehensive line of varistors and NTC thermistors for your reference.

Kingtronics XKT Metal Oxide Varistor and NKT NTC Thermistor Features:

Kingtronics traditional radial through-hole MOV devices are available in diameters of 5mm(XKT5D), 7mm(XKT7D), 10mm(XKT10D), 14mm(XKT14D)and 20mm(XKT20D).And it offers a choice of wide operating voltage from 18V to 1800V, operating temperature range -40℃~+105℃ and full compliance with RoSH and REACH.

NKT negative temperature coefficient thermistors, made by silicone or phenolic-resin material, are large power, strong capacity of suppression of inrush current. Big material constant (B value), small residual resistance. Small size, Long life, high reliability and fast response.

Kingtronics XKT Metal Oxide Varistor and NKT NTC Thermistor Applications:

XKT Varistors have high current handling, high energy absorption capability and fast response times to protect against transient faults up to rated limits. They are fit for providing voltage surge protection for a wide variety of applications, including the consumer electronics, industrial electronics, communication electronics, measuring and controlling systems electronic home appliances.

NKT NTC thermistors are used in a broad spectrum of applications. The medical industry relies on NKT NTC's in various applications including catheters, dialysis equipment, and patient monitoring. Appliances from dryers to coffee makers use NKT NTC thermistors to accurately measure temperature. HVAC( Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and refrigeration equipment use NKT NTC sensors to measure temperature in building controls and processes, resulting in increased efficiency and control. Automotive and aerospace industries use NKT NTC thermistors for test and measurement as well as production applications.