Kt Kingtronics GKT Application in LED Lighting

In the LED lighting equipment, Aluminum non-solid electrolytic capacitors are used.

A.E. caps feature in wider operating temperature range, more miniaturized, and larger capacitance values compared with other types of capacitors but have a demerit of a limited lifetime.

Although A.E.caps are mandatory in the LED lighting equipment, because of the limited life time, they are the determining factor of life performance of the equipment because of the limited lifetime.

Kt GKT series can provide a variety of demands LED lighting, welcome contact us to get the best offer.

Kingtronics P/N Load Life Temperatures Characteristic
GKT-VT 1000H~2000H 105°C Standard
GKT-VC 2000H 105°C Low Leakage Current
GKT-VE 2000H-3000H 105°C Long Life
GKT-VK 2000H-3000H 105°C Extra Lower Impedance
GKT-VL 3000H-5000H 105°C Extra Long Life
GKT-VN 2000H 105°C Bi-polar
GKT-VZ 1000H-2000H 105°C Low Impedance
GKT-VU 3000H 105°C Long Life
GKT-VD 5000H 105°C Long Life
GKT-VW 10000H 105°C Long Life
GKT-VF 3000H-5000H 105°C Super Low Impedance
GKT-VX 2000H-5000H 105°C Small Size


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