Kt Kingtronics Film Capacitor full introduction

◆ Summary of a Film Capacitor

The basic structure is that the dielectric material of PET or PP plastic film inserted between two electrodes.
The electric characteristic is different in kinds of dielectric film, and the size is also different according to the electrode structure. The figure for the device is as following.

The following is the schematic diagram for device.


◆ Film capacitor category 1) Classified by dielectric material

Name Film’s category
Film’s category Polyester film
PP film Capacitor Polypropylene film
PPS film Capacitor Polypropylene-sulfide film

2) Classified by Application

Name Purpose
Serial Film Capacitor Using in second electronic circuit
AC source generator Film Capacitor Noise suppressor across the line
For Electrical machine Film Capacitor improvement in motor rotation, light power factor

3) Classified by its structure

Name Classify of electrodes Winding method Methods in connecting the leads
Foil type Foil Winding type Inductive, non-inductive type
Metallized type Deposited metal film Winding type Non-inductive type
Layer type

4) Classified by external features
- Paper Dip type
- Paper mold type
- Non-Metallic case type
- Metallic case type

◆ The structure of a film capacitor


◆ Equivalent circuit of film capacitor

1) Equivalent circuit

An ideal capacitor doesn’t have any component changing the property of circuit, but in reality, lead wire and electrodes have resistance and inductance. The equivalent circuit is as following.


2) Characteristics

- The change of capacitance according to temperature change is little.
- High reliance is possible. (low error tolerance) is possible.
- Dissipation factor is small and it is possible to use for high frequency circuits.
- Can be used both AC and DC(Non-polarity)
- The Insulation resistance is excellent and has high reliability.


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