Kt Kingtronics Precision Multiturn WireWound Potentiometer

Kingtronics is a manufacturer for range of cermet trimming potentiometers, we offer “Kt” brand with competitive price, very speedy delivery, very high quality and nice appearance. RKT-3540S & RKT-3590 Precision Multiturn Potentiometer with rotary dial knob ,10 ring adjustable resistor,10 turn potentiometer, wirewound variable multi-turn POT 100k Ohm. These devices are available in conductive plastic, wirewound or Hybritron® element types, and in various sizes. And our products are well crossed to Bourns Brand.

Precision trimming potentiometers are designed for control applications where accuracy and high reliability is important. Common applications include measuring linear distance, angles or rotations in production equipment, industrial test and measurement equipment, and medical equipment. Precision workmanship, simple operates. For small quantity we hold stock and for big quantity lead time are 10-15 business days only.


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