Kt Kingtronics 2018 Latest Market Information for Aluminum E-Cap

MLCC prices have risen in the past two years as demand for capacitive components for smart phones, electric cars, drones, the Internet of things and smart home appliances has skyrocketed.

Nichikon in 2018 January issued a notice, because including aluminum material suppliers have announced the price Increase, Nichikon took a lot of measures still Can't absorb all the price increases.

With higher power costs in Japan and environmental restrictions in China, manufacturers have been forced to cut production, and the supply of foil for key materials has become critical.

Nichikon's investment has exceeded the possible return on profits, So announced the radial and screw type aluminum electrolytic capacitor all models price increase 5%.

According to the report, the upstream raw materials of aluminum electrolytic capacitors have been strictly controlled by the government for the treatment of wastewater, and some small manufacturers have been eliminated, causing the supply of aluminum foil to exceed supply and the price is rising.

Main raw materials include aluminum electrolytic capacitor electrode foil, aluminum, lead, electrolytic paper, rubber plug, etc., the electrode foil is the key base material, the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is used for carrying charge, 30% to 60% of the cost of aluminum electrolytic capacitor production.

Because the electric erosion foil, turned to foil power consumption is high, because the electrode foil production and excitant gas emissions of acid waste water, the government this year, for the environmental protection strict control waste water line environmental pressures lead to part of the production capacity, small aluminum foil factory is on the way out.

Due to factors such as environmental protection to shut down, on the other hand, also the aluminum foil upstream prices rise, they said, aluminum materials account for about 50% of the aluminum foil overall cost, aluminum raw material price from $1800 a metric ton in early 2017, to have risen to $2200 in December 2017, the aluminum foil material in October and November 2017 to rise about 8% to 10%, the future of aluminum foil material whether to start the second wave of price, to be seen to supply market conditions and environmental cost factors.

In addition, according to intelligence research consulting, electrode foil suppliers mainly in Japan and China, including mainland China important producer of aluminum foil, about 70-80% yield, because Japan electrode foil manufacturers structural adjustment, air conditioning, household appliances, washing machines and other electrical appliances product capacitor foil material quantity required, vendor to mainland China aluminum foil manufacturer.

Electronic aluminum foil industry before 2012, due to the rapid development of the industry, short supply, low gross profit margin, manufacturers have a large expansion of production. After 2013, due to excess capacity and declining profits, increasing environmental protection equipment may drive up the cost of products. Some manufacturers have low initial rate of work and low enthusiasm for environmental investment. Environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more strict. In the case of small increase in the price of electronic aluminum foil, enterprises are not motivated to re-produce by environmental protection. The cycle of environmental transformation is longer, and even if the money is raised, it will be difficult to reproduce in the short term.

Aluminum plant now think that shortage of 2018 high school low pressure aluminum foil are likely, there is no one company can assure you can get enough supply of goods, Taiwan companies, according to the aluminum foil in short supply, shortage of mainland China in November and December aluminum foil influence degree in about 15% to 15%.



尼吉康2018 年 1月10日发布通知称,因包括铝材在内的原材料供应商已经宣布涨价,尼吉康采取了很多措施仍无法消化所有的涨价,在日本电力成本增加以及中国环境法规限制的情况下,制造商被迫减产,主要材料箔纸的供应问题变得至关重要。尼吉康的投资金额已超出利润可能回报的水平,因此宣布调整插脚式和螺杆式铝电解电容所有型号涨价5%。





此外,根据智研咨询统计, 电极箔供应厂商主要来自日本和中国大陆,其中中国大陆为铝箔重要生产地,占据约70~80%产量,由于日本电极箔厂商结构调整, 空调、家电、洗衣机等家电产品所需电容器铝箔材料量大,厂商向中国大陆铝箔厂商购买铝箔产品,因此也造成中国大陆铝箔供不应求。据悉,铝箔自2017年6月之后开始供不应求,在日系厂商同步不扩产之下,铝箔供应吃紧,且以这次被限缩严重的中高压铝箔尤甚。



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