Kt Kingtronics’ development and Changes in The Past 10 Years

Looking at the development and changes of Kingtronics in the past 10 years, you will have an idea, working with kingtronics will not be your bad Choice

Kingtronics is HK based ISO manufacturer producing under its own registered brand kingtronics with kt logo since 1990.

First of all, we began to sell trimmer potentiometers in the market, due to market reputation, we also received Bourn one of global manufacturer’s lawyer letter, advise us not using the name of “trimpot” which registered by them

Secondly we expand our production line to radial ceramic, tantalum capacitors, and then some popular diode parts

2016 we turn our eyes on aluminum e-cap, before promoting to overseas market we have already sold this parts to Chinese mainland and HK over 10 years. 95% buyers feedback our prices good, our confidence increase quite a lot

Finally the result proves, our strategy is correct, even out of our expectation, The best repercussion area of our aluminum e-cap is Indian market.

They not only have big usage for e-cap, but also could give us positive reply on our prices.

Everyone in the field know, Indian market is very competitive, they always look for cheaper prices, but this time our attitude totally change towards them.

Since aluminum e-cap has a wide spectrum of needs in the application of LED, Lighting Tech, and power supply, and now more and more India manufacturers pay lots of attention to quality. We suppose that’s why we could gain success from them.

During parts 20 years, We always keep in line with market demand and strive to meet customer quality, packaging and service requirements. our customers increase from 750 to 1200, and the annual sales amount grow up 35% to 55%..

In order to thank our old and new customers’ support, we will update our on-line trade reference and distributors very soon, letting each of you have chance to be our representative and benefit more from our brand reputation !

Regions include, India, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, USA, Poland, Netherland, Thailand, Singapore….

We are committed to becoming a global supplier, welcome you to be our worldwide distributors !