Fast Leadtime Solution for WKT Tactile Switch from Kingtronics

Tact Switches have a small footprint and come in many sizes and gram forces, can be used in many consumers electronic devices.
Kingtronics can support very competitive L/T around 5~8 weeks compared to other brands!

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Applications: instrumentation, industrial controls, communications equipment, computers, security systems, automotive, audio/visual and pagers.

WKT-Tact Switches
Other brands L/T(weeks) Kingtronics Kt L/T (weeks)
Alps Electric 24~32 weeks 5-8 weeks
C&K 12~30 weeks
Panasonic 10~12 weeks
E-Switch 16~18 weeks
TE Connectivity 10~12 weeks

Check out our hot-selling WKT-Tact Switches:

Description P/N size Life cycle Operating Force
Horizontal with bracket DIP type WKTA1060060C 6*6mm 80,000 1.6±0.5N
Waterproof Dip type WKTZ6060060A 6*6mm 100,000 2.6±0.5N 
Dip type with LED WKTR1072068A 7.2*6.8mm 500,000 2.0±0.5N 
WKTR3060060A 6*6mm 500,000 2.6±0.5N
2 Pin Dip type WKTS1020040E 2*4mm 50,000 1.8±0.5N
SMD type surface mount WKTS2040040D 4*4mm 200,00 1.6±0.3N 
WKTS1020040D 2*4mm 200,000 1.6±0.3N 
WKTS1120120D 12*12mm 50,000 80,000 100,000 1.0±0.3N,1.6±0.5N,2.6±0.5N
WKTS9060060D 6*6mm 50,000 80,000 100,000 1.0±0.3N,1.6±0.5N,2.6±0.5N
WKTS2060060D 6*6mm 50,000 80,000 100,000 1.0±0.3N,1.6±0.5N,2.6±0.5N