Kt Kingtronics Upgrades Trimming Potentiometers Packaging Box

Kingtronics is potentiometers manufacturer since 1990. Trimming potentiometers are Kingtronics' first products. On Kingtronics' trimming potentiometers body, we mark "Kt" due to insufficient space. Actually our registered brand in Hong Kong is “Kingtronics and Kt”.

Now, Kingtronics upgrades trimming potentiometers packaging box . There are 3 sizes of different packing box, which can be used for all types of trimming potentiometers. We choose blue as the color of Kingtronics. Our website, catalog, poster, envelope, company logo and all other things related to Kingtronics, we choose blue. Blue stands for our Kingtronics people spirit --- Innovation, efficiency and foucs.

Compared with out previous one , we list all the strong products of trimming potentiometers on the box. Our brand name and contact way are also printed on it. Therefore, whether you are interested in other products of potentiometers, or have any inquiry, you can contact us rapidly.

Below link provides more information about trimming potentiometers, hoping it is helpful to you.

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