Kt Kingtronics Features and Applications of Monolithic Capacitors

Monolithic capacitors have good temperature characteristics and good frequency characteristics. Generally, as the frequency increases, the capacitance of the capacitor decreases. The monolithic capacitor decreases less and the capacity is relatively stable.


1. Energy storage exchange
This is the most basic function of the monolithic capacitor, which is mainly used to generate and release an electric energy through its charging and discharging process. This is mainly based on large-capacity type II monolithic capacitors, and in some cases can even replace small aluminum electrolytic capacitors and tantalum electrolytic capacitors.

2. Through-pass (bypass and coupling)
Since the monolithic capacitor is not a conducting body, it reflects the phenomenon of electrification at both ends through the regular rotation of the AC. Therefore, it can be connected in parallel with other components in the circuit to allow the AC to pass through and the DC to be blocked. It plays the role of bypass.
In an AC circuit, the monolithic capacitor is charged and discharged following the change of the polarity of the input signal, so that the circuit connected to the two ends of the monolithic capacitor is in a conductive state and acts as a coupling.
Generally speaking, the monolithic capacitor connected to the input of the amplifier or operational amplifier is a coupling monolithic capacitor; the monolithic capacitor connected to the emitter of the amplifier or operational amplifier is a bypass monolithic capacitor. Both of them are mainly type II monolithic capacitors, especially 0.1uF capacitors.

3. Frequency discrimination filtering
In an AC circuit, for a multi-frequency mixed signal, we can use a monolithic capacitor to separate its parts. Generally speaking, we can use a monolithic capacitor with a reasonable capacitance to filter out most of the low-frequency signals. This is mainly based on high frequency or ultrahigh frequency monolithic capacitors.

4. Suppression of surge voltage
Because the monolithic capacitor is an energy storage element, in the circuit, it can remove those short-term surge pulse signals, and can also absorb the excess energy generated by the voltage fluctuations in the circuit. The filtering is mainly based on high frequency products.

In addition to the general characteristics of capacitors, monolithic capacitors have the characteristics of "passing through and blocking", they also have the characteristics of small size, large specific capacitance, long life, high reliability, and suitable for surface mounting. With the rapid development of the world's electronics industry, as a basic component of the electronics industry, monolithic capacitors are also advancing at an amazing speed, increasing at a rate of 10%~15% every year. The demand for monolithic capacitors in the world is more than 200 billion, and 70% comes from Japan, followed by Europe, America and Southeast Asia (including China). With the improvement of the reliability and integration of chip-capacity products, the scope of its use becomes wider and wider, and it is widely used in various military and civilian electronic complete machines and electronic equipment. Such as computers, telephones, program-controlled switches, sophisticated testing instruments, radar communications, etc.


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